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Ingrown Hairs

Why do they happen?

Ingrown hairs sometimes occur in women whose hair is curly or who have elevated levels of male hormone.

Dry skin or inadequate exfoliation can exacerbate the problem as it makes it difficult for hair to pass through the skin.

Ingrown hairs tend to decrease over time since the root is removed during waxing making the hair weaker.

It is common for men to get ingrown hairs in the chest area, but this decreases over time with each waxing treatment.

How do I prevent Ingrown hairs?

The secret is to exfoliate and moisturise the skin, ideally starting three days before your waxing treatment.

Exfoliation doesn’t require any fancy products, though the more natural the ingredients the better.

You can even make your own organic exfoliation cream by mixing almond oil and brown sugar.

You can achieve deeper exfoliation by making smooth, circular movements with a natural brush and moisturising soap in the shower.


Never try to remove ingrown or inflamed hair with needles or tweezers as this may cause spots or infection.

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