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About Us

"We Love Waxing" is a chain of Brazilian waxing salons. Trading in London since 2006, we bring the best of Brazil to the UK - LUXURY BRAZILIAN HOT HONEY WAXING.


We use the Amazonian Luxury Hot Wax method. Most hot wax methods currently available in the UK take longer than strip wax.

However, because of Amazonian Wax, our special formulation of wax, we are able to work on large areas all at once making our method faster than strip waxing.

For example, when waxing a full leg, our beauticians will apply wax from the ankle to the top of the leg in one go.

Look at our timetable for treatments and you can see how quick we are (e.g. just 20 minutes for a Brazilian versus 30 minutes at most salons).


The Benefits of Amazonia Luxury Hot Wax!

There is nothing better than getting rid of unwanted hair using wax, is there? If you still use a Gillette type blade, you will throw it away once you finish reading this!


Say yes to smooth skin for several days longer.


How about opting for our Amazonian Luxury Hot Wax?


The Brazilian method provides quick and less painful hair removal, reducing irritation of the skin and ingrown hairs.


It is more efficient to extract the hair from the root, avoiding the re-appearance for up to 20 days. And the best news is, it is suitable for all skin types.


Amazonia Luxury Hot Wax
We work exclusively with a luxury honey wax formulated in Brazil
Composed of 80% honey, our Amazonia Wax is gentler to the skin providing a quicker and more efficient waxing method.
Much less pain on application

We are the only waxing in London to work with hot wax on all areas of the body. Our formulation of wax allows us to work on large areas all at once, without using any strips.

The warmth of our wax opens the pores of your skin allowing the hair and the root to be more easily removed.

Our unique formulation of wax and technique allow us to offer the least painful waxing method available on the beauty market today.

Longer lasting

Our method is longer lasting than others because we are able to remove more hair roots.

With traditional forms of waxing, a large proportion of hairs actually break off leaving the root behind.

Since our wax is applied at a lukewarm temperature and contains honey, the pores surrounding the hair are opened allowing smoother, less painful and more efficient removal of the root.

With regular treatment over time, the roots of your hair will weaken and the hair will grow slower and more fine.



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